With the User Story Statement hatched from the workshop, little pages/ games/ interface are encouraged to create.

The above screenshot is captured from the Annotation Practices from our frequently used web. From which we worked on annotating various functions, we filled our interface statements from scratches and forming an interesting statement.

The goal of the interface is born!

Scrolling in the Fishmemory in the Interface.

Thanks for Teona! I have this interesting term from her annotations!

The task further on by analysing different connotation in the text obtained from the Web. Since a wide collection of annotations have harvested in Day1. Classmates from the workshop have shared their own perspectives on decomposing ideas. The invisible drives and the hidden orientations of the interface are exposed/ revealed/ demonstrated in an explicated spectrum.

With the participation of other angles, an unexpected combination has successfully interwoven into the STATEMENT in Day2.

As a forgetful user, I want to scroll within the fishmemory so that I can regenerate ideas.

Moreover from the exercises and reading from the previous days, my finished little game is subconsciously inspired by the Million Dollar PixelPage

And consciously by the Motion Theory (both are from the Web Design Museum ).

When we are suggested to browse the Web Design Museum Archive, I was reminded of how the website used to be 20 years ago. Take for example can you recall how the Apple Mac Website and the McDonald looked like before? Our memories are just like the Fishmemory, we keep forgetting things, we keep modified the images stored disregarded how twisted as the time we recall them out.

When we surfing the web we never tended to pay any attention, my set up of the little page/ game is designed to address the idea. We are directed to a page, where we might bump into a looping hole. Or by chance you finished would be able to complete that, but what can you remember?

Scrolling in the fishmemory interface

Can you spot the difference? Can you know why the page is setting in the way it is?

- 1 toast