Reflection on Day 2

Task for today:

"How did Day 1’s “Interface Annotations” exercise inform and lead you to how you approached Day 2’s “Layer Statements” and “Experimental CRUD” exercises?"

With the analysis of different connotation in the text obtained from the Web, a wide collection of annotation is harvested in Day1. Classmates as different individuals sharing different aspects have helped in decomposing a web. The invisible drives and the hidden orientations of the interface are exposed/ revealed/ demonstrated in an explicated spectrum.

With the participation of other perceptions, one can be surprised with the lexicon the other chosen. Unexpected combinations could be interwoven, therefore forming into the STATEMENT in Day2. With the "unreasonable" factors add-on, the results are satisfying.

and “Experimental CRUD” exercises? Hmm... I am not so sure about it.

-Create -Read -Update -Delete

Are we going to re-do/ re-analyse/ re-load/ re-erase?

- 1 toast