Reflection on Today

"What are some of your favorite words for today?"

  • Zuhandenzeit
  • Vorhandenzeit
  • AR Trash
  • नमस्ते (Namaste)
  • おつかれさまでした (otsukaresama deshita)
  • raise hand
  • break

"Write about something you find interesting from the readings"

  • My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be? --Laurel Schwulst
  1. Links ... are the oxygen of the web. (why? just because of the link colored with blue? or is it meaning the links get you away from the original site, and give other space for the readers to inhale different air?)

  2. Berners Lee ...“I want to challenge us all to have greater ambitions for the web. I want the web to reflect our hopes and fulfill our dreams, rather than magnify our fears and deepen our divisions.”

  3. Artists can think expansively about what a website can be. Each artist should create their own space on the web, for a website is an individual act of collective ambition. (in a world surrounded by surveillance and commercialized activities, people in need of free space, perhaps website, part of the Virtual Space will be the only source for us to stay "Truth".


"How have you thought about the ways you live with and in technology since the beginning of 2020?"

The Interface Experience -> history of the interface formed in the technology field. This is quite interesting when the initial stage Donald Norman doesn't want to focus on the idea of INTERFACE, but it is the interface bought by Jef Raskin making popularize the computer. And the interface has now appeared in such an improminent way, one now get their nerved on when they are enormously surrounded by it, but not being able to notice them.

With the "threat" of COVID -19, technology is now fundamentally implemented into our daily lives. We can hardly avoid using any technology. We shift our business meeting online, we read on news online, we meet friends online, we take lessons online, we changed our shopping habits from shop experience to online store experience, we have our entertainments heavily relied on the internet.


"How do you live inside the interface? (like a rabbit hole?)"

Even knowing we would be ruined by it, we can't escape from it. It makes us stay with them 24/7. We lost the sense of direction we used to know before the google guidance, either physically on street or virtually online. Our visions have been narrowed down, things provide on the interface are manipulated by the A.I. that processed all our data naturally every second.

- 1 toast