Updates on Zwölfte April

Map on Brücke in Associated with the Past

While researching on certain physically met Brücken, it turned out that some of their faces have been changed. Original ones may be destroyed or rebuilt due to urban city planning. Some of the long lost Brücken happened to draw my interest.

From the scouting findings, I also noticed several interesting points.

  1. Some can brücke are able to go under, some are not. For those who can go under, Gallery like Graffitis could be visited.

  2. Some have water level Rulers attached to poles next to the river.

  3. Trees planted near Ebertbrücke is growing in quite a dramatic form, which remind me of those that appeared in Grimm's Fairy Tale.

  4. The Spring start having the flower blooming around.

  5. The wrought iron craft in German is really at the artisan level.

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